Companions of Jesus (Benedictine – men)


The Companions of Jesus of the Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom are Christian men who dedicate themselves to Benedictine spirituality in order to enhance their Christian way of life, their personal spirituality, and the lives of those with whom they live and work.

The role of the Companions of Jesus is to live in the world, to become holy in the world and to do what they can to bring the world to God by being witnesses of Christ by both word and example.

People who are looking for a deeper spirituality, and a better balance between their prayer life and their work life, may find that they are attracted by the richness of ancient Benedictine or Franciscan spirituality. The Companions of Jesus are Christian men (clerics and lay) who are admitted into spiritual union and affiliation with a true Benedictine community, which means that they can share in the spirituality, prayer, sacramental life and good works of that community.

Companions of Jesus concern themselves with striving to be people of God and temples of the Holy Spirit. Their prayer life and work flows from this awareness, as will their willingness to offer themselves for the service of God and neighbour, to the best of their ability.

They do not live in a religious community or Monastery, but do make various promises, and in time vows, to commit themselves to living by the simple Rule of St. Benedict, the daily reading of Sacred Scripture, and to pray The Little Office; (a specially adapted Divine Office for busy, working people) three times a day: Lauds, Vespers and Compline.

There are two categories of membership: Firstly, men in Holy Orders within the Old Catholic Church, as also ordained men of other Catholic jurisdictions who hold and teach the Catholic Faith that comes to us from the Apostles. The second category is for lay-men and women within the Old Catholic Church or other Catholic jurisdictions. These are known as Associates (traditionally known as Oblates, Tertiaries or Third-Order) since they are not in Holy Orders.

All make the same simple promises or vows, after a period of preparation determined by the Abbot; all exercise their Benedictine spirituality in their places of work and home; the Old Catholic Priory Cathedral Church in Rugeley, Staffordshire becomes their spiritual home, and they will be expected to gather here in Chapter at least once a year; and also, when possible, for professions, at which new Companions receive the habit and become entitled to use the letters CJ after their name.

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