Our Benedictine and Franciscan congregations continue to live the call of Christ and care for the least amongst us. Whether ordained or lay; all are called to live out their Religious Vows within their own homes and secular professions.

The heart of Franciscan life was originally summed up by Francis himself, who called his followers to serve God and humanity. Therefore, Franciscans naturally find themselves involved in work and activities which challenge the materialism, self-centredness and injustices that have crept into our society.   

Our Sisters should always seek to remember that God is the centre of our lives, and that personal prayer and the sacred liturgy of the church is the basis of strengthening our relationship with God.

The members of the Benedictine Congregation, seek always to shape their lives by living the wisdom of Christ, as interpreted by St. Benedict.

Brothers serve God by striving to become holy in their chosen way of life, by integrating their prayer and work and by striving to see Christ in everyone.  

The role of both the Franciscan and Benedictine Congregations is to live in secular society, to become holy in the world, and to do what they can, to bring the world to God; by being witnesses of Christ by word and example to those around them.

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