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Worldwide Christmas Greetings

At this time of year the greeting “Merry Christmas” is on our lips and in our hearts...

Faith in Action - Brazil

Blessings at Christmas

Both the Shepherds and the Wise Men who found Jesus also came to realise that he was the hinge of human history...

OCCA - Baptism

Archbishops wanderings - Malaga in Spain

Confirmation in Phoenix Arizona

Archbishop Angarita's Visitation to Colombia

Immaculate Conception 2018 Africa

OCJ Newsletter 2018 - December

Newsletter for the Order of the Companions of Jesus...

Nuptial Mass - Robert & Caroline

New Associate Members OCJ

Sacrament of Marriage - Paul & Jodie

In Christian marriage, the union between a man and a woman is instituted and ordained by God as the lifelong relationship between one man as husband, and one woman as wife...

Year of Patriarch Mathew

The Old Catholic in the United Kingdom in partnership with the Old Catholic Church in America are to observe the Year of Mathew based at the Cathedral & Priory Church of St Thomas Aquinas in Rugeley.

Bishop Geoffrey Baptises Gabriel Alexander James

Rome Pilgrimage - Additional Holy Sites

Rome Pilgrimage - October 2018

Delegates meet at Manchester International Airport for the 7.15am scheduled flight to Ciampino Airport in Rome...