We are now pleased to be able to offer our long-term plans for area ministries throughout the United Kingdom. Our parochial based teams which now consist of Religious, Clergy and Laity will now offer a more flexible support network, and have been enlarged to cover more numerous geographical areas. We aim through our existing Formation Programmes to be able to work more effectively with young people and their parents seeking baptism and confirmation; through chaplaincy work to bring more people into the knowledge and love of God. In addition, we believe that Christian Marriage is a gift from God, that should not be taken for granted, and is the right atmosphere in which to build family life. 

End of life care, takes place through regular intercessory prayer, visiting the sick at home, in hospital, nursing or care home, and remains a high priority in ministry. By officiating at funerals, with follow-up bereavement support, we seek to emulate Christ’s love for our broken world. 

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