The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints

Mary, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church and the Queen of Heaven and earth, holds a special place in the faith, the lives and the liturgy of the Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom. The doctrines (teachings) of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady into Heaven, are held by the Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom in accord with Sacred Tradition, the Church Fathers and the Sacred Liturgy from the earliest of times; and in oneness with the Orthodox Church of the East and the Latin Church in the West. The Saints also are honoured in a special way within the Liturgy and in the Church’s Calendar. Both of these beliefs and devotions form part of the reason for the historical split with the Utrecht Union of Old Catholic Churches.

Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom believes in the Communion of Saints, and the fellowship of the whole Church in Glory, the Church Militant and the Church Suffering. It holds to the honouring of Saints, and the prayers for their intercession for both the Church Militant and Suffering.