OCCUK maintains the ancient beliefs and Sacred Tradition of the Church for an all-male clergy. In the Celebration of Holy Mass Christ is the real Priest and Sacrificer, but He makes His Sacrifice through the visible, that is, the Ordained human Priest. In his Priesthood, the human Priest embodies no other Priesthood than the Priesthood of Christ Himself; he executes Christ's invisible Priesthood in a visible manner, being completely and fully dependent on the High Priest, whose instrument and surrogate he is. The priesthood is not viewed by OCCUK as ‘right’ or a ‘privilege’; it does not see the clergy as a caste apart from the People of God. It does not understand Ordination to the Priesthood as a matter of justice, equality, political correctness, or human rights. No one, not even males, have the ‘right’ to Ordination, and no one ‘chooses’ Ordination; we believe that it is God Who does the choosing, even if His Will in this instance seems completely contrary with the understanding of the world, the culture or the era. The clergy do not stand above the People of God, rather, they stand in their midst, just as Christ stands in the midst of His People. Those who carry out essential ministries without being ordained, either as Religious (Congregations of St. Benedict and St. Francis) or as lay-folk, also stand in the midst of God’s People, for the ministries they pursue in the Name of Our Lord also share in His work.